A message from Rob

Hey everyone, welcome to my little corner of the internet!

God of Carnage is all done and dusted.

Now for a well earned rest.

See you on the other side.

Upcoming Gigs and Shows

Bertram Poppingstock - Bertram Poppingstock (Series 2) on ABC3
A child Genius turned mobile librarian. His mission: to stop a media mogul from destroying the world with her evil media empire... This is Bertram Poppingstock - Problem Solver.
Starts: July 29 - 10:20am
Ends: July 29 - 10:20am
1st HP Film's 15th B'day Show - The First Harry Potter Film's 15th Birthday Show.
Alert the Daily Prophet, comedy duo Innes Lloyd apparate back to The Butterfly Club!
Starts: November 29 - 8:30pm
Ends: November 29 - 9:30pm